Western MT firm offering free COVID-19 testing for employees

Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 21:11:14-04

Designs For Health, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals, offered free COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody testing to employees at its Arlee location Wednesday afternoon.

“We have people really involved in the critical manufacturing of these products, in quality control, and analytical testing, and shipping, and we need to have a very healthy work-force,” said Dr. David Blake, the company's chief medical officer.

Arlee is one of four Designs For Health, or DFH, locations around the country, and employs about 100 workers.

Their products are designed, manufactured, and made available specifically to physicians and other health care providers and cannot be found over-the-counter.

The Arlee location has seen its volume and production nearly double in the last few weeks, in conjunction with the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a lot of products specifically for immune health, and to keep people healthy during this type of crisis," said Blake. "They are really valuable and under incredible demand right now.”

About half of the employees of the Arlee staff volunteered for the IGG and IGM antibody testing, which required a quick blood draw.

The test will enable participating employees to determine what, if any exposure they have had to COVID-19.

“It will allow us to tell, you know, how many people were likely exposed before and have some level of immunity, how many people have probably never been exposed and have no immunity, and potentially people who have the kind of antibody patterns associated with an ongoing or an active infection.” says Blake.

DFH hopes this testing will allow their employees to remain safe and continue to perform at their highest level at a time where they are seeing extremely high demand.