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Moss Mansion Museum in Billings suffers water damage from spring thaw

Posted at 7:07 PM, Mar 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:49:43-04

BILLINGS – The Moss Mansion in downtown Billings is seeing water damage throughout the museum due to ice damming in the upper rain gutters.

The guest apartment on the second floor of the museum is the most affected.  The third-floor ballroom has also seen a fair share of damage.

As temperatures warmed up in Billings over the past week, water froze and blocked the rain gutter, causing water to pool on the flat roof.

Then the water seeped between the exterior sandstone wall and the interior plaster.

Museum staff say there are options to fix the ice damming in the gutters, but those options will cost a pretty penny.

“We believed that we had addressed the problem, and fixed it.  But, actually there are some other factors,” said Corinna Sinclair, Moss Mansion operations manager.  “It also has to do with the lack of insulation in the third floor.  So when that snow accumulates at that point in the house, there is no insulation to keep warmth down.  So we are warming that area with just heat from inside the house.  So that contributes to the ice that builds up.”

Museum staff say that the best way to help the Moss at this time is to just come down an have a tour, or to become a volunteer.  Donations are also welcome.