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One School at a Time: March nominees

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BILLINGS - The schools in the running for this month's One School at a time grants from Cloud Peak Energy and KTVQ are Newman Elementary School in Billings, Rose Park Elementary School in Billings and Ryegate Public School. 

Newman Elementary would like to purchase Orff Instruments for its music department. A greater variety of instruments could allow for more educational value for the students.

“With the rhythms we go into fractions, and how a quarter note is one fourth, and a half note is one half. And so we get that math aspect in there as well, “ music teacher Emily Prouty said. 

The different instruments would allow for students to explore various genres,

“It helps not only the motor skills, but it’s cross-curricular. So we talk about math, and we can talk about jazz with social studies, and the ballet. We have all sorts of different topics that we cover,” Prouty said. 

The hands-on experience gives students the opportunity to learn to work together.

"Music teaches teamwork. It’s not just one or two people in an ensemble. It’s a whole group effort to make something sound good, and unique." Prouty said. 

Rose Park Elementary would like to purchase inclusive playground equipment such as wheelchair ramps, borders and sensory stimulating equipment. One main expense of their project will be a wheelchair-friendly material instead of gravel, or wood chips.

"Looking at all of the abilities, and we want to integrate every kiddo in the school, whether they're in a wheelchair, whether they're visually impaired, or just need a little extra sensory," Casey Black, independent living instructor at Rose Park, said. 

"Not only are we centrally located around the four other locations that have the independent living students, but we're so close to Big Sky Little League baseball fields and the park," Tiffany Marshall of the Rose Park PTA said. 

The playground would allow for more social interaction between children of all levels of development.

“Kiddos regardless of ability level, regardless of disability level should be able to play together. And right now that’s not a reality here. It’s something they do not have right now. And I think that’s unfair and sad , and I think that they should not only have something to play with even at all, but to play together.” Marshall said. 

Ryegate Public School would like to use the money to help develop its agricultural station.

“Since our school is so small, we don't have a full sports program. Really the most vibrant and active program we have is FFA so we decided we could integrate the agriculture class, science classes, by building a working school farm," FFA instructor John Spizziri said. 

They have to employ someone to finish digging a well for the area’s water development. They hope to use the funds to assist with that cost.

“The first phase was constructing the barn. We moved the chicken house in, we put electrical in, we did all the fencing. And when I say we, the kids did everything. They did all the welding, they did the construction. They did all the hard work. “ Spizziri said. 

The finished product will also consist of a community garden, crops, an orchard, and a livestock and equestrian facility.

"And getting the community involved and saying look we basically have a park, that anyone can come to and see. Come and see what the kids are doing, come and see what your kids are doing. Come and see what they can do if you give them a chance and a little bit of resources, and the rest is hard work." Spizziri said. 

Visit www.oneschoolatatime.org to donate to these projects or nominate your favorite school.

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