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HealthWatch: Orangetheory Fitness comes to Billings

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There's a new type of workout in Billings that focuses on each person's heart rate and is beneficial to the entire body.

"The science is a heart-rate based interval training which is nothing new. Heart-rate based training has been around for a long, long time. Orangetheory has just taken it to like a way bigger level," said Tempe Connell, who owns Orangetheory Fitness

Each person wears a monitor through the workout, and their heart rate is displayed on a monitor in the front of the room.  As heart-rate increases, the color changes to indicate different zones.

"We train in those five different heart rate zones and so the science of what your body does when you're in the different heart rate zones, that's what we base our workouts on," Connell said. 

The zones represent the percentage of your maximum heart rate being met. The goal is to get to orange. 

"Once your heart rate goes into 84 percent of your maximum heart rate, in and out of that zone, you don't have to be in that zone the entire time, that's what puts your body into epoc so you keep burning for up to 36 hours after the workout," Connell said. 

The classes contribute to fellowship between gym goers. 

"As soon as the whole board showed up in the orange zone, everybody just went crazy. So it pushes you. When you're wearing that heart rate monitor and know exactly what your heart rate's doing, you work out completely different," Connell said.

Each Orangetheory class is different and the same workout will never be completed twice. 

"You just have to show up. You don't have to make any decisions. Hop into a class. The coach tells you what to do. The music's pumping and you just walk out of there with a phenomenal outcome," Connell said. 

Connell wanted to reinforce that this kind of exercise doesn't have to replace your current exercise routine, but it can supplement it.

"It's for everybody, and what I really want to say to Billings and the community is whatever you're doing, keep doing that. Come in and try and Orangetheory workout and it will just make that workout better," Connell said. 

For those who may be thinking this kind off workout may be too difficult, Connell says they've had triathletes working out as well as people who have never been to a gym before.

"It's for everybody because people get amazing results and they feel so good," she said.

Young or old, novice or athlete, it looks like the color of sweat in Billings is orange. 

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