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Batmobile owner says Adam West was best Batman

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Clint Young with utility belt, mask and gloves on the hood of his Batmobile. Clint Young with utility belt, mask and gloves on the hood of his Batmobile.

Actor Adam West died at at the age of 88 last week.

West played the part Batman in the 1960’s TV series.

Since the mid 1980's, a Lockwood man has also had the chance to play the part of Adam West as Batman.

Clint Young drives his Batmobile, which is an exact replica of the car used in the TV series.

The series premiered on January 12, 1966, Young’s fourth birthday.

“He was my first childhood hero,” Young said. “I loved the show all my life. “

He portrayed Batman at comic book shows across the country.

“I grow up and move to California,” Young said. “I take acting classes and I get a job as Batman so in a strange way if it wasn’t for Adam West, I wouldn’t have got that job.”

“I got that job because I looked like Adam West from here down,” said Young, as he showed from his nose to his chin.

The acting job gave him the chance to meet Adam West.

“All the times I met him, he had this persona of an actor,” Young said. “When I drove him in the Batmobile, as soon as he got in my car, and we took off and got away from the cameras and the press, this facade just went away.  I loved the private Adam West but I never got to see that until four years ago. All them  years it was the public Adam West.”

Young said that public Adam West may have been the only actor that could’ve played the part of Batman.

“He had a knack for acting serious and comedic at the same time,” Young said. “None of the other Batmans have really been able to do that. He could play it seriously, but it was a total joke.  It was deadpan humor as he called it.”

More than 50 years after the series started, fans recognize the Batmobile and Batman.

“It was beyond thrilling,” Young said. “I just don’t think it gets any better. Just driving a Batmobile in a Batman suit is fun.  But having Adam West over there (in the passenger seat). Wow. If I would’ve known that when I was four, I wouldn’t have been able to wait ‘til I grew up.”

Even children recognize Batman and Young has at times driven the Batmobile and appeared as Batman at birthday parties.

“People for 30 years have always come to me and said, 'Hi Mr. West,'” Young said. '“Can I shake your hand Mr. West? Can I have an autograph Mr. West?' They actually think and believe I’m Adam West.”

Sometimes they don’t believe him when he says he is not Adam West.

“And another time I couldn’t get rid of a customer,” Young said. “Just refused to believe I’m not Adam. So finally I said, 'I’m his son,' so I just wrote Clint West just to get rid of him. So he’s got an autograph out there somewhere he thinks is from Adam’s son.”

“In most people’s hearts and minds, Adam West is Batman,” Young said. “Nobody else is.”

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