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Jan 15, 2013 12:40 AM by Dustin Klemann - Q2 News

Zone change approved for Pickle Barrel

BILLINGS - Privacy, noise, and traffic -- all key complaints at Monday's City Council meeting.

At issue was a new, but familiar, restaurant on the city's West End.

Anyone familiar with the now-defunct Pickle Barrel can plan on having the shop's sandwich early this summer thanks to City Council.

Plans for the restaurant moving to South 32nd Street West and Rosebud are fully underway after the council approved the zone change from residential to commercial as current zoning in the area did not allow restaurants.

However, the point of contention Monday's meeting was how much additional traffic would travel through 32nd.

It was reported that a restaurant in the area would create more than 1400 additional daily trips through the street, but Monday's presentation made it clear that it would be considerably less; about an estimated 310 trips of vehicles per day.

Traffic congestion at the intersection of 32nd and King Ave has been an issue for city planning for a while. But adding a restaurant, officials said, will have no greater impact on the traffic congestion.

A Stockman Bank representative said selling the building has proved to be difficult.

Council also contended the re-use of the building is consistent and compatible with development in the area.

A few individuals who live close to the future sandwich shop argued traffic - and subsequently noise - will be an issue for those living in the area. They also brought forth the issue of a rise in taxes.

After hearing cases for both sides, the council unanimously approved the zone change.

New owners of the Pickle Barrel name plan to remodel the church and have the new sandwich shop ready by late June 2013


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