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Jan 5, 2013 7:20 PM by Dustin Klemann - Q2 news

Workout guru makes stop in Billings for embattled 2-year-old

BILLINGS - Upon meeting Koga workout creator of the same name, Jon Koga, you feel as though you're talking to a walking tree trunk.

The man is solid muscle.

So much so that if you were to catch a right hook during his workout, you'd question if it was a sledgehammer that caught you on the chin.

But Jon Koga is a soft spoken New Yorker with a big heart. And his accent shines through when discussing why he is in Billings.

"(Jade Marr's situation) touched my heart and it's something that needs to be brought into awareness."

He was featured on Dr. Oz displaying the workout and now, he's helping a local 2-year-old fight the childhood form of cancer, neuroblastoma.

Koga caught wind that young Jade Marr was diagnosed with the high risk cancer and felt he could help.

More than a decade ago, Koga infused kickboxing and yoga to provide a workout for anyone "8 to 80."

"Honestly, when I'm teaching Koga and seeing the energy and seeing people say how the program has changed their lives, but when I can look back and say 'Wow, lives are being changed that are not actually taking the class at the particular time but we're donating good time and focus to these good causes.'"

Jade is currently undergoing her fifth chemotherapy treatment since September.

The workout symbolizes the fight Jade currently faces. An intense battle that you constantly need to roll with the punches.

A group, some familiar with the workout while others completely unsure what to expect, joined for a workout at the Billings SportsPlex, all of whom were impressed by the workouts pace and variety.

Stephanie Zeis, an avid runner and Koga-er, said it's the workout she can tailor herself, "You never get the same class, it always changes. You're always getting something new."

Beth Hein said the intensity is what she expected, but enjoyed her experience, "It was amazing. I do zumba regularly but this was totally different and intense. I loved it, it was great."

And Susan Mauro, a fitness instructor, said the workout provides the change needed in sustaining a healthier lifestyle, "Variety is very important, without it, you're going to get very bored as an instructor. You get very bored if you're teaching the same thing over and over. And this gives you a lot of variety with the different kickboxing and yoga moves."

Just watching the workout made me sweat, but you can tell it's tailored to help those with knee issues or those who aren't fans of high impact workouts or the slow pace of yoga.

For those participating in the Koga workout, they finished after an hour while Jade's fight continues on.

A portion of DVD sales will go to Jade's fight to K.O. her deadly opponent and Koga said he plans to come back again with more sponsors.

The man is active, appearing on multiple shows, TV stations, and touring country-wide, all the while dealing with his community in New York, who were struck hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Koga said he wants to tour in 2013 from Long Beach, New York to Long Beach, California with celebrities and athletes he has trained.

"If you can count to four, you can do this program. You're not jumping spinning kicking, bouncing around, major coordination. You adjust the program to whatever level you're at," said Koga.

For now, the focus is teaching people to stay healthy in with a workout for everyone and help Jade with one kick, jab, cross at a time.

To donate and help Jade, visit her YouCaring donation page by clicking here.


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