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Jan 6, 2013 10:42 PM by Q2 News

Witness: standoff suspect shot by police while trying to escape

UPDATE: A crime scene unit has arrived to the scene Billings Police have blocked off.

BILLINGS- An eye witness at the scene of a standoff involving the Billings Police Department says that a suspect was shot by police while trying to escape in a Billings Police cruiser on Miles Avenue.

According to the eye witness, a man who lives in the neighborhood, the Billings police had a man in custody when the man ran to a Billings police cruiser with its door open.

The man then managed to get inside the vehicle, put it in to gear and start traveling westbound on Miles Avenue.

It is unclear if the man was wearing handcuffs at the time, but he did drive the cruiser in to several pickup trucks parked along the road.

The witness says an officer then fired rounds at the suspect.

The car came to a stop and the witness says the suspect slumped over in the car.

The witness says when police approached the suspect, they realized he had been hit and they began efforts to revive him.

An ambulance arrived on scene shortly after, and the suspect was taken to a hospital.

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