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Aug 24, 2012 11:53 AM by Ben Trotter - MTN News

Video of bison charging boy close call, experts say

BOZEMAN - Thousands of people have now seen a YouTube video featuring a bull bison charging a young boy in Yellowstone National Park. Experts are saying it was a close call and remind people of the dangers posed by wild animals.

The video came days after a British national from Thailand was gored at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Now, with fall around the corner, and bison moving into roadside feeding areas in the park, YNP spokesman Al Nash reminds people of the dangers that exist in the park.

"This is a wild place, and these are wild animals. They are bigger than you, and the only person who can look out for your safety is you," he said.

According to Nash, the closest safe distance to bison or elk is 25 yards, or the length of two school buses end to end. For bears and wolves, a whole football field of space is required.

Andrea Jones, spokeswoman for Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Region 3, said warning signs for agitated buffalo include stomping, snorting, shaking head side to side, and tail straight up, or curled like a 'question mark" above their back. She said to always back away, avoid running if possible and keep calm if a buffalo charges.


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