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May 30, 2012 11:35 PM by Marnee Banks - MTN News

US House Candidate Profile: David Kaiser

Libertarian candidate Dave Kaiser is from Victor, Montana

How do you propose to balance the federal budget? What areas would you look at first when cutting spending? What programs are most important to preserve?

Common sense would tell you to take away the checkbook, easier said than done. I'll have 30 videos on my website to show you solutions to solve the federal budget. Enjoy and let me know what your opinion is.

Cut duplicate spending first, than eliminate all federal spending that can be handled at the state level.

[The programs that are most important to preserve] would be decided by the voters of Montana.

Do you support the Affordable Care Act? If yes, why? If not what alternative health care reforms do you support?

No. The federal government caused the problem by implementing so many restrictions on the private sector. Here is a 2,500+ page bill that no one read before signing and the only way it could get passed was last minute senators demanding ransoms for their yes vote. Then Nancy Pelosi was quoted saying "Sometimes we have to pass a bill first before we get to find out what is inside it." We can not afford to run our country like this, things have to change now.

Once the bill is found unconstitutional this June the federal government should remove all time consuming, cost ineffective rules, laws, and regulations. These laws have prevented the private insurance companies from providing the American people with the world's greatest health care at a fraction of today's cost. Again just apply common sense reasoning and the solutions are simple.

Do you support the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline? Why or why not?


What ideas do you have to promote job growth and reduce the unemployment rate?

Ask any private sector business owner why she or he has not hired new employees in the last three years and every single one will tell you "The federal government." The unknowns regarding health care, regulations, fees, laws, taxes. I'd shove the federal government out of the way in order for the greatest economy on globe to explode.

Do you support the Citizens United decision? Why or why not? Do you believe corporations have a right to free speech?

personally I feel it is wrong for a company to spend unlimited amounts of money to get their candidate elected. Although I'd like to know what the citizans (sp) of Montana think, please go to and I'll post the question explaining what it allows and does not allow, please answer Yes or No.

What role would you like to see the United States take in Afghanistan in the upcoming years?


Where do you stand on social issues including abortion and homosexual marriage?

I feel government should not dictate how we behave socially. If we allow the few in government to tell us what to do and how to do it, who knows someday they will tell us to buckle our seat belts or drive our cars without talking on a cell phone. What? We are too late, what's next? No smoking or drinking in our backyards because of the bad influence that may have on our neighbor's kids.

Where do you stand on energy development including wind, oil, gas and coal?

Supply and demand dictates what direction we will go regarding energy use. So if wind, water, solar, products generate a great demand then there will be a need to supply that demand. It would be remarkably insane, oh lets say, we loan a company 600,000,000 to build a solar panel factor to produce a product that no one demands.

Are you proposing any changes to the federal tax structure? If so, explain.


Do you support Senator Max Baucus' Heritage Act? Why or why not?

Who wouldn't want to see Montana protected and preserved? Yet these protections seem to have new restrictions to outdoorsmans (sp). I need to know what the voters of Montana truly feel.

How can you make sure the voices of 1 million Montanans are heard on Capitol Hill?

Back in February of this year I had an idea that has grown into reality. The idea is a simple one, I want to be the true servant of the people of Montana. It starts with my website. As we all know the current system in Washington is broken, and all new candidates promise to fix it and yet they don't. Why, because power corrupts. The problem in the past has been so many good honest people have attempted to do just that, clean up Washington, and have failed. My idea is to have you the voters of Montana keep me accountable everyday not just on November 6th. The reason for is to get every Montanan involved in politics on a more regular bases not just the last few months before an election. For example Say you owned a neighborhood store called Montana and you were interviewing for a new employee (U.S. House of Representative) Over the next few months you interview 11 strong candidates and you vote or hire one. On my first on the job would you just handover the keys, checkbook and say good luck have fun running the store. Absolutely not, you would follow my every move or vote, better yet you would advise me as to how the store, Montana would want it.

That is what is all about. My goal between now and the election is to create over 30 different videos that will be truthful, educational and entertaining. If I can engage the voter on a weekly basis, and ask for their opinion on a variety of different issues. Then imagine for one second that I walk onto the floor of the House of Representatives and demand that something be done to solve these issues and I can show the rest of the House members that I have the backing of over 400,000 Montana voters. I know we can solve most, if not all, of the problems in Washington So, please spread the word to everyone you know to visit and register at

#1 I will call every voter that registers with look for the number 552-2012.
#2 I will post my campaign checkbook ledger on line for you to view whenever you want.
#3 I will not spend a penny from your hard earned donation without your permission, it is your money, you tell me how to spend it.
#4 Once elected I will randomly pick one registered voter to tell me where to donate the money remaining in my campaign checking account.
#5 Once elected I will post all final House bills that needs my vote on the website and ask for your option wheather (sp) to vote yes or no.


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