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Jul 15, 2013 4:15 PM by MTN News

UPDATE: Woman attacked, dog killed by bear in northern Montana

UPDATE: The woman who was attacked by a bear in Glacier County on Friday sustained serious injuries, but is expected to recover.

The woman is renting a cabin in the area near Duck Lake and had taken her two dogs, Angus and Shamus, for a walk.

A sow bear and her two cubs were nearby eating a dead colt, which was hidden behind some brush.

The mother bear attacked the woman and one of the dogs from behind. The woman sustained serious injuries to her back and her head.

Angus the dog died, but Shamus was able to escape when the woman managed to let him off of his leash.

The woman was equipped with bear spray, but was not able to get it out due to the surprise attack.

Nearby residents were finally alerted to the attack when Shamus (pictured) returned to the cabin with blood on its coat.

We're told the woman remained injured in the area for several hours before a nearby angler found her.
The angler helped her get to an ambulance, which took her to a medical facility in Browning where she had a blood transfusion. From Browning, she was airlifted to a hospital in Kalispell to undergo facial surgery in addition to other treatment. She remains in intensive care but is expected to make a recovery.

We have been told that there was an initial effort to track/trap the bear, but those efforts have been called off. We do not yet know if it was a black bear or a grizzly bear.


A woman was injured and one of her two dogs was killed by a bear near Duck Lake in Glacier County on Friday.

Details are still limited, but initial reports indicate that the woman, who is renting a cabin in the area, was walking her two dogs near Duck Lake on Friday morning when she was attacked by the bear.

Nearby residents were alerted to the attack when the surviving dog returned to the cabin with blood on its coat.

The woman was airlifted via helicopter to Kalispell for medical treatment and although her injuries were serious, she is expected to recover.

It is not yet known if it was a grizzly bear or a black bear.

We are trying to get more information from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks about the incident and will post an update when we have more details.


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