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Mar 2, 2013 6:48 PM by Q2 News

UPDATE: Triple homicide under investigation in Clark, Wyoming

BREAKING- Three people were killed in an incident on Saturday afternoon in the rural community of Clark, Wyoming.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol confirms that those three victims were found in a home in the town of Clark, which is located about 30 miles north of Cody, Wyoming.

The three victims were a woman, her mother and her father-- the Wyoming Highway Patrol also confirms that the incident is being investigated as a homicide.

The woman was married, but her husband was not home at the time and is believed to be working out of town.

The Park County Sheriff's Office has two suspects in custody and that they will be held at a detention facility in Park County.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol confirms that the incident which led to the murders began around noon.

Robert Bushman Jr. lives across the street from where the incident took place on Big View Road in Clark.

The seven-year resident of the neighborhood said that the homeowner had lived there for at least as long as he had.

Bushman says he was vacuuming his home at the time of the incident and did not notice that anything had happened until emergency crews arrived.

Bushman says he was informed of what had happened by a neighbor who saw the incident unfold.

"Basically, a white car had come up the road, pulled right up to the driveway-two young men got out, went up to the front door," said Bushman of his neighbor's description. "Around 20 minutes later, the homeowner's black Audi went flying down the gravel road-it's a gravel road mind you-went flying down the road with the white car following it. And then, two of the homeowner's dogs were chasing the cars and the other neighbor saw one of the dogs, got it into their truck and went to take it back to the house. And when they stepped inside, that's when they found the bodies."

The Wyoming Highway Patrol did say that it is not the lead agency on the investigation, but rather made a traffic stop which initiated the arrest of the suspects.

The Park County Sheriff's Office is the leading agency for the investigation.


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