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Feb 17, 2013 10:23 PM by Ben Trotter - MTN News

TV series features MT author, photographer Kevin Connolly

Most of us take much of what we have for granted, but what if you were missing something as important as your legs?

Helena author, photographer, athlete, and now television star Kevin Michael Connolly hasn't let that slow him down yet.

The subject of the new Travel Channel series "Armed and Ready", Connolly says, "The show is about taking what a legless guy can't do, and making him do it."

He says the show takes a new look at what someone with physical disability can and can't do.

"The only way in which I was perceived, and a lot of other people I've met with physical disabilities had been perceived," says Kevin, "as this just kind of simple human interest piece, isn't that nice."

So there will be no fluffy moments of epiphany, no weepy human interest moments, just a guy tackling potentially dangerous situations, and therein lies the challenge.

According to Connolly, "How does a legless guy street luge, or skydive, or cliff-dive, or do whole the lunar rover!? (laughs) That one was a more fun, less risky one, but it was still there."

And it all starts with getting creative...about the gear used to make these stunts happen. Kevin says he learned these skills years ago, as a mono-skier through Eagle Mount.

"A lot of the things that they taught me at a really broad level, in terms of just adapting to your environment and surrounding, is definitely at play here in every episode."

Connolly's show "Armed and Ready" premieres February 26th at 10 pm on the Travel Channel.


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