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Jun 22, 2010 11:30 AM by Montana's News Station

Tornadoes in Montana history

Montana is hundreds of miles away from "Tornado Alley" in the nation's mid-section, but as we saw on Sunday, tornadoes do indeed touch down in Treasure State. Weather officials say that there are probably about two or three twisters annually in Montana.

The last recorded F2 tornado occurred eight years ago, on the eastern side of the state. Peter Felsch with the National Weather Service in Missoula tells us that F2 tornado was July 7th 2002, and it caused over $100,000 dollars in damage.

Before that, an F2 twister touched down in Baker in the SE corner of the state, but the town escaped any serious damages or injuries; in 1999, another F2 twisted its way around Baker on June 20th, again causing no damage.

But the town of Lewistown was not so lucky that year, when on August 14th a large tornado caused $4 million in damages.

Many Lake, Flathead, and Lincoln county residents remember back in 2007 when a tornado was thought to have touched down on Flathead Lake. While it turned out that the storm was just a micro-burst, National Weather Service officials remember getting reports of many sightings of funnel like clouds in the area.

Here is a list of the "most signifant" tornadoes in Montana history, according to TornadoProject.com:

MAY 15, 1883 0 dead 6 injured
Homes and other buildings were destroyed at a mining community, eight miles south of Butte.

JUN 10, 1923 2 dead 0 injured
Two men were killed by a falling tree as a tornado hit a copper mine near Rivulet in Mineral County.

JUN 15, 1924 2:30 pm 0 dead 7 injured
Three homes were destroyed at a farming community northwest of Great Falls.

JULY 4, 1927 3:30 pm 0 dead 6 injured
Barns were destroyed and livestock killed eight miles southwest of Suffolk, Fergus County.

MAY 22, 1933 6:00 pm 0 dead 12 injured
Ten buildings were destroyed in Baninville, Roosevelt County. The injuries were in a cafe.

MAY 8, 1934 6:30 pm 0 dead 7 injured
A dozen homes were unroofed and two service stations destroyed at Plentywood, Sheridan County.

SEP 16, 1946 5:15 pm 0 dead 3 injured
A small home was destroyed near Sidney, Richland County.

JULY 19, 1952 3:30 pm 1 dead 2 injured
A large farm near the North Dakota border was completely destroyed in Wibaux County.

JULY 9, 1983 6:37 pm 1 dead 1 injured
As the tornado passed near Vida, McCone County it threw a car, with two people, for 200 yards.

JULY 20, 1993 5:30 pm 0 dead 3 injured
Two mobile homes were destroyed in Rosebud County, two miles south of Lame Deer.


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