Sep 14, 2011 12:37 PM by Ysolt Usigan- CBS News

Search engine king? How Google, Yahoo and Bing compare

You guessed it, Google is still on top. However, the recent comScore search marketshare data for August 2011 finds that the search engine giant is actually down (by just a little).

Google fell to 64.8 percent (down from 65.1 percent in July) in explicit core search - which, according to comScore, "excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results."

"Overall, the big picture hasn't changed, but it will be something that Microsoft can revel in during the BUILD conference this week: Google's search marketshare is nearly 65 percent while Yahoo! and Bing are collectively in the low-30 percent range," reports ZDNet.

Yahoo! grew a little for the second straight month to 16.3 percent (up from 16.1 percent) in explicit core search.

Bing, a search engine from Microsoft, which saw no gains in July, was at 14.7 percent (up from 14.4 percent) in explicit core search.

Rounding out the list was, which grew to 3 percent (up after two months straight at 2.9 percent), and AOL, which fell to 1.4 percent (down from 1.5 percent).


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