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Sep 27, 2011 10:09 PM by Amanda Venegas

SD2 facing tough obstacles ahead

BILLINGS - On Tuesday students and staff were back in classrooms across Billings School District Two despite a decision to terminate the district's top leader. However, still many questions remain. What is on the horizon for a district facing a multi-million dollar shortfall next school year, without a leader and with a divided board do? Although there are many thoughts on this question former School District Two trustee and employee Karen Moses sat down to tell us her thoughts.

"We're headed for a tough train wreck because we all know the financial times are tough. So if ever there's a time that we need to be pulling together, now is the time," said Karen Moses, who served as a trustee for 10 years.

School District Two has seen its fair share of superintendents with four in the past eleven years from Jo Swain to Dr. Beeman.

"How many we've had, it kinda takes on a life of its own. Although the average across the nation is about what we are. It isn't something to be proud of. I think we all remember years where they were here a bit longer," Moses said.

The board has also seen turnover over the years.

"The turnover in trustees is probably been far greater than even our superintendent turnover. And that lack of continuity, it's been obvious" Moses said.

But with an economically challenging time ahead this could be one of the district's biggest challenges as it attempts to educate and allot its resources. Moses says she learned from the teachers strike that serious hurdles can be overcome if trustees focus their energies on those that hold the district together.

"The model that allows and empowers those people to do the best with what they've got and those choices made closest to the site, I think, works best," Moses said.


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