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Oct 12, 2011 7:58 AM by Laura Wilson- KAJ News

School Board votes not to expel Glacier student

KALISPELL--The Kalispell School Board has decided not to expel a Glacier student accused of assaulting several other students on a team bus last month.

A total of six students were suspended after an investigation revealed they were involved in a hazing incident while on a bus ride home from a football game.

Two of the students were placed on extended suspension.

The board held a formal hearing on Tuesday night to decide whether one of the students would be expelled, and more than a dozen witnesses with information testified during it.

The board ultimately voted not to expel the student.

He will remain suspended through the end of the school's 1st quarter, and allowed to return to school at the beginning of the 2nd quarter--under a school-mandated behavioral plan.

One of the victims' parents told us they are concerned what will happen when the student returns to school.

"He should have to finish out at least the rest of this school year somewhere else," said Allen Anderson, one of the victim's parents. "He shouldn't have to put these kids through it again. They shouldn't have to be worried about this one a regular basis."

"I think it's unjust that the victims are going to stay victims now because of this child," added the victim's mom, Mary Cochran.

Glacier High School's 1st quarter ends October 28th. The school still has to set up a behavior plan with the student before allowing him to return on October 31st.


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