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Jan 23, 2013 6:53 PM by Jason Laird - Q2 News

Rural school security

Billings - Administrators at rural school districts within Yellowstone County met today with Sheriff and Fire officials to brainstorm about school safety.

The goal of the meeting was to discuss areas in need of security improvement. The primary focus is to create a universal plan for all county schools to follow in the event of an emergency. According to Sgt. Roger Bodine, "In the event that there is an emergency; whether it is a fire, an intruder, or whatever it may be, law enforcement and fire departments will all be on the same page as the schools."

This universal plan will only be put into effect for schools in Yellowstone County that do not have a significant police force such as Huntley or Shepherd.

School officials and law enforcement are planning another meeting for the near future, where the County Sheriffs office will present a proposed universal plan of action for all emergency situations. Along with preparing a county wide universal plan, the schools will also be conducting drills and looking at any possible way to create a safer environment. Some of the proposed changes consist of locking all classroom doors during class and installing security cameras to monitor all exterior doors.


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