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Apr 25, 2013 7:25 PM by Victoria Fregoso - Q2 News

Rocky Mountain College encourages employees to Live Well through program at St. Vincent Healthcare

BILLINGS - Getting your health screened could be as easy as walking down the hallway of your workplace. Thanks to Saint Vincent Healthcare's Living Well program, checking in on their health was just a small break in the day for these Rocky Mountain College employees. "It's convenient," said Rocky Mountain College photography instructor David Shumway. "A lot of people won't take the time to go and have a physical, to go and have their blood work done, go and have a good health screening. But when it's on campus, you're at work, you walk over from your office, it takes five, ten minutes. It's something that people do then."

Bringing the Living Well program to campus was a first for Rocky. About a dozen other businesses in and around Billings have taken advantage of the program so far this year. "Being mobile is the key to our success," said Colin Dow, St. Vincent Healthcare Corporate Outreach Liaison. "Being able to set up in rooms and travel across town and be all over the place. Where ever the employer is, we want to be there."

Divided into three private stations, employees learn things like the condition of their blood pressure, body composition and cholesterol level, within a matter of minutes. "As long as I'm here and as long as they do it, I'll keep doing it," Shumway said. "It's also fun when they give you your score and you get a perfect score, you go Yes! I'm healthy!"

Employers have the ability to host the Living Well program through insurance providers. And just like the similarity of a doctor's office visit, payment method works in the same way. "A vast majority of employers are starting to catch on to this idea that they're wanting to play a real meaningful role in the health of their employees because it builds moral, increases their productivity at work."

Depending on the size and demand of the workplace, Living Well stations can remain on site from one, to several days. If you are an employer interested in bringing the Living Well program to your workplace, visit their website by clicking here.


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