Jun 7, 2012 10:39 AM by Marnee Banks - MTN News

Rescued Malamutes need new home

Over 160 malamute dogs rescued by the Lewis & Clark Humane Society and currently housed in an undisclosed location need a new home by the end of the month, shelter officials announced on Wednesday.

Gina Wiest, the director of the facility, said, "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to leave the building we are currently housing the dogs in and find another place by month's end. Due to the needs of the dogs for play, exercise and shelter, we require a space that is at least 5,000 square feet, that has water and storage. We are in desperate need of a new place ASAP as we must be out of the current building by June 30th. Time is of the essence. We are imploring the community to call us with possible alternative locations for these wonderful animals."

The dogs were seized last October from Mike Chilinski, who has since been charged with animal cruelty and is awaiting trial.

The shelter has been taking care of the animals since that time.

Wiest added, "These dogs deserve a good home; unfortunately we are unable to offer them up for adoption at this time since the trial has not rendered a judgment. As such, we must continue to provide care for them until the wheels of justice turn. We must have a new, suitable place for them to live while those wheels turn and we need business and property owners in the area to help us locate a new place for the dogs."

Wiest asks that anyone who might be able to help to call her at the shelter at 406-442-1660.


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