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Nov 30, 2012 9:37 AM by David Jay

$10K winning Powerball ticket bought in Billings

BILLINGS - 5,16, 22, 23, 29 and 6 for the Powerball.
Those are the winning numbers from Wednesday night's Powerball drawing.
Two winning tickets - one in Arizona and the other in Missouri will split most of the $587-million dollar jackpot.
Just one person who bought a ticket in Montana will take home a chunk of that prize.
That ticket - purchased in the Billings heights.
The Montana Lottery announced a winning Powerball player purchased a ticket at the Conomart Super Store on Main Street in the Heights.
The winner has not yet come forward...but they had four correct numbers and the powerball - good for a 10-thousand dollar prize.
This Conomart has sold winning tickets to what the Montana Lottery calls "major prizes" in the past.
The Montana Lottery also reports its highest online ticket sales day yesterday.. at $1.44-million.
Montana sales for Wednesday's drawing,totaled $1.9-million.
"It was an exciting time to be here," said Amber Conger, communications specialist for the Montana Lottery. "We were all part of lottery history. This was a huge day for powerball sales in montana. It led to our highest online sales day ever. It was a great day for the lottery offices. A great day for our players and just an exciting day overall for Montana."
Nearly nine million won prizes in last night's Powerball.
After subtracting those smaller prizes from the jackpot...the two big winners will split approximately $456-million.


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