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Feb 14, 2013 1:53 PM by Q2 News Jason Laird

One in a million "Major" Dan Miller

Billings - This weeks one in a million, features a long time star from right here in Billings. You've heard his voice flowing through the air waves for years; now we take you behind the scenes of the Major Miller program.

Dan's enthusiasm with radio started when he was just a teenager. He visited a station in Cincinnati and was fascinated with the fact that the DJ could sit at a control board, and play records, all while talking to an audience without any wires connecting them. The station was WCKY Cincinnati.

So how did the title for Major come about? It all started with a radio promotion to send Dan into space. At that time people who were going into space, trying to catch up with the Russians, were given the rank of Colonel. After going as Colonel Dan Miller on the radio for a few weeks, the time finally came to send Dan into space! "Well when the time came, we were out at the A and W on main street in the heights when main street wasn't what it is today. We had the national guard out there, we had a band out there, it was exciting! And so I entered this space capsule, QUOTE QUOTE, I got in there and of course they had a count down and they had dry ice at the bottom so the smoke was pouring out. When it came time they had a countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, they got down to one, I came running out the door and I said I don't want to die get somebody else to go on this thing. And I was gone for three days I ran away for three days and so they demoted me from Colonel to Major and the Major because of Major Miller it stuck."

Dan has been entertaining generations for 55 year right here in Billings. You can still find him every Saturday morning on 97.1 K-Bear 6am to high noon. And as always if you or someone you know, lives in Montana and would fit the title of One In A Million, we would love to hear from you! Email us at


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