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Aug 31, 2011 1:20 PM by Zachery Lashway

Obesity on the rise, Montana beats national average

Obesity is on the rise all over with new research showing every country is getting heavier and heavier.

About one in three Americans are obese, with Montana's statistics showing slightly better numbers as one out of every four Montanans are considered to be obese.

Seventy years ago there weren't enough overweight Americans to even have an obesity rate and by the 1950s, fewer than 10% of Americans were obese. But the explosion of fast food chains during the 1980s helped to expand American's waistline by 24%.

Experts say the best way to make America a lighter nation is to eat healthier and move more.

"More than ever we need to get the message out that we need to start cutting out consumption of added fats, sugars, salts, soft drinks. We need to get back to whole foods and get moving more," Sandee Cardinal with MSU Extension Nutrition advised.

She added that we're on a path to disaster with studies showing that if the trends continue unabated, half of all Americans could be obese in less than 20 years.


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