Oct 2, 2012 6:49 AM by Marnee Banks - MTN News

NRA getting involved in MT elections

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is getting involved with several high-profile races in Montana and it's not disclosing ahead of time how much it will spend doing so.

On Monday, NRA President David Keene was in Helena to endorse Republican Attorney General candidate Tim Fox.

Keene says the NRA will be endorsing several Montana candidates. However, the NRA will not disclose how many members it has here in Montana nor will it say how much they plan on spending.

A media spokesperson for the organization says they don't want to give away their strategy.

"From the standpoint of gun owners & believers of the second amendment, we are fearful that if this election goes bad particularly at the Presidential level, that many of the gains that we've made over the last few decades could be erased," Keene says.

The NRA has a political action committee, the NRA Political Victory Fund, so the amount of money that will be spent in Montana will eventually be available.

NRA says they will disclose that after the election.


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