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Jan 16, 2013 8:08 PM by Q2 NEWS

New Autism unit begins in Billings

BILLINGS - As of December 13th, a new unit has been added to the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch. A unit designed specifically for the treatment and care of autistic children.

The new unit titled, London Lodge, has been entirely renovated and paid for completely by private donors. The new lodge currently works with five children, but is expecting to increase it's students in the near future. Doctors and counselors in the lodge are pleased to report that in the little time the lodge has been open, they have already seen drastic improvements in the children's social interaction and overall mental health. According to Dr. Mandler, the new unit provides psycho educational training along with social skills such as how to behave in certain situations. They strive to provide the students with tools they can use when interacting with other children and other adults.

Psycho educational training is only a portion of the programs offered to students. Through the Yellowstone Academy, students also have the opportunity to receive a well rounded education. Although the students school day may be a little more structured than regular school, all of the kids have an educational plan that is tailored specifically for them.


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