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Dec 5, 2012 7:37 PM by Q2NEWS

Must Have Gadgets for Christmas

When it comes to your Christmas shopping, chances are there are one or two electronic gadgets. But if you want to find your relatives or friends the perfect gift,the latest and greatest; then it's best to know what's making the "must have" in the electronic world.

"A lot of the holiday seasons are focused around tablets. Tablets are still a really hot new thing, the Kindle Fire is one of our main ones that we have going on. Able to connect to the internet, do web browsing, talk to friends, play games of course. Mp3s obviously are going to be another one. The new iPod Touch, the 5th generation, that's out right now."says Josh Castro, the Mobile Manager for Best Buy in Billings.

So tablets are easily going to be a win if your shopping for someone on your nice list,but which one is the right choice?

"Vevo Tab, this is the only one that we have currently in stock with the new windows 8 platform. Windows 8 is actually built for touch." says the Geek Squad Manager at Best Buy, Ryan Deming. Deming goes on to say describe the Kindl Fire HD. "This is going to be more based on the user that doesn't need any more of the other additional apps that you get from an android device or an apple device or the new Windows devices. This is going to be more for the integrated usage, books, games more recreational usage around this."

Deming also says that the new iPad many has been and will continue to be a huge seller. "This has the full retina display so it's going to be really HD quality picture. And it is very easy to utilize and it is more portable now. It does a very good job of bridging the gap of all users. Not only is it built for basic functionality and fun and doing games and videos. But it also gives you some technical experience and technical ability to go in do things like server management and router management and actually get into your network a little bit."

The choices are many and are for sure vast, but with some diligence, you can find the perfect tablet for the user on your shopping list.


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