Aug 17, 2012 11:58 AM by Marnee Banks - MTN News

MTN reporter revisits 1995 internet PSA that went viral

HELENA - A public service announcement from 1995 featuring eight Helena students has gone viral on the internet - and one of those students is reporter Marnee Banks of our affiliate station KXLH in Helena.

The video clip features the students highlighting some of the possibilities the internet offered, such as online shopping, getting news and sports udpates, watching TV programs, communicating with people around the world - and, yes, there is even mention of cats. One child states: "I even found a recipe for cat food cupcakes!"

The video clip has received more than 678,000 views as of Thursday evening - up from only 1,000 views last week.

And after seeing the video featured on popular news and tech websites and receiving a flood of emails and comments about it, Marnee decided to take a quick trip down memory lane.

Cindy Gaffney was the person behind the PSA.

"Only a week ago it had 1,000 views and I was excited about that because I thought wow, people are really looking at it. I was getting comments about the cat thing. Everyone kept saying, 'Oh my God they predicted cats!' But this is really phenomenal," she said.

Cindy says in 1995 she had just learned how to use video-editing software and the Helena School District had just gotten an internet connection, so she thought what better way to teach us kids about video production and the value of the internet at the same time.

Little did she know her predictions were prophetic.

"For my sake, for my personal sake, what it's done is it's such an affirmation of what I believed could happen when we did this," Gaffney said.


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