Jan 5, 2012 5:05 PM by Jen Hollenbach - Montana's News Station

MT high school senior becomes a published author

CASCADE, Mont. - Jennifer Isbell, a senior at Cascade High School, has more to celebrate than just entering her final semester - she is now a published author.

"I've always wanted to have it published, but I never thought it would happen," Isbell said.

She says the book actually started as a poem, which she then turned into the book "The Devil's Intellect".

"I've only sold four copies so far, that's it. But that's better than nothing, I'm just happy it's out there," Isbell said.

She said the best part about being published has been the support she has received from her peers and teachers.

Fellow senior Molly McGonigal noted, "It's really just made us come together as a class, too," Molly McGonigal, a fellow senior said. "We're all just really interested in her book."

Isbell's peers also see her as a writing resource.

"She's definitely a good source to use, because she's a published author which is something you don't see from a high school senior," McGonigal said.

McGonigal also observed another effect: "We've got a published author on our paper now, so we have to step it up. Great motivator because she's a big help and makes us want to try harder."

Isbell said the process of becoming a published author has been a whirlwind, but she still sees herself as an average high school senior.

Isbell plans to study journalism at the University of Montana next year and continue to pursue her writing.

You can find the book at and at Google Books.

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