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Aug 18, 2012 8:21 PM by David Jay

MontanaFair's Energy Day Montana successful

BILLINGS - A new event this year at MontanaFair gave companies that opportunity for networking...and the public a chance to learn about the energy industry.
Some companies brought equipment to the three-day long Energy Day Montana at MontanaFair.
Oil, natural gas and coal companies all held talks about the water energy industry in Montana and North Dakota.
The main goal of the event however, was to allow networking between businesses connected to energy.
"People that wanted to connect with businesses and weren't able to get in front of them, got in front of them," said Dana Pulis, co-organizer of Energy Day Montana. "And so we have heard I don't know how many success stories of businesses connecting with each other and they're walking away with deals or really good opportunities to follow up and take that relationship down the road."
Most of Energy Day was held in Heritage Hall.
There are already plans in the work to hold the same event next year.
The hope for that event is that companies will be able to bring an oil drilling pump to display at MontanaFair.


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