Dec 29, 2012 10:11 PM by Tara Grimes - MTN News

Montana teen in need of kidney helps another teen

GREAT FALLS - A car that was raffled off to help pay for a kidney transplant will now help pay for another person with the same problem.

Earlier this month, 17-year-old kidney patient Adam Huston drew the name of the winners of the raffle for a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, but the couple opted to donate the car back to Huston.

After much thinking and praying, Huston said he decided he wanted to sell the car to raise more funds. He also decided he wanted to split the money with 19-year-old Darian King, another Great Falls resident needing a second kidney transplant.

"I like doing that, helping others," Huston said. "It makes me feel good. If I had a lot of money I'd do this all the time, just say 'hey I'm going to help you out.' I just feel bad about those people out there who are going through the same situation as me or worse and it kills me, but it's something I got to do and that's a start."

King and her mother said they are so thankful for the news.

"I was shocked!," King said. "It's an amazing thing they're doing."

After the car is appraised, it will be sold at Taylor's Auto Max.


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