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Jul 24, 2012 12:41 PM by Drew Trafton-Q2 News

Montana Marine continues recovery in Maryland

BILLINGS- A critically injured Montana Marine is now back in the United States and continuing on a long road to recovery.

22-year-old Lcpl. Chris Bogner of Miles City was transferred to the Walter Reed National Medical Center in Maryland following a week of recovery in Germany after sustaining life threatening injuries from a makeshift explosive in Afghanistan.

The U.S. Marine Corps flew Bogner's parents and brother, also from Miles City, to Germany to be with Lcpl. Bogner, who remains heavily sedated as he continues to receive surgeries to help heal from collapsed lungs, shrapnel injuries and brain swelling.

Although the U.S. Marine Corps will not comment on injured servicemen and women, Bogner's family has been updating friends and family through a Facebook support page.

Here are the latest two updates to Lcpl. Bogner's condition:

UPDATE! 7/22/12 DAY 11
Chris continues to battle. He lost some ground with his lungs yesterday, probably due to the surgerey he had although they have come back today. The doctors were hoping to begin to wein him off the breathing tube and also the sedation level but that will be delayed due to internal air bubbles that they are having trouble determining where they came from. He is tentavley scheduled for surgery tommorow for his right eye which has a detached retina among a couple other problems. During that surgery they plan to insert a scope searching for the air leak. One of the eye procedures is expected to cause a great deal of pain for about a week. With all that said it probably means mores days of heavy sedation and a breathing tube. It's hard because we just want to be able to talk to him and for him to see us and also to read to him all these caring and encouraging words that you have all left. This update will give you specific areas of prayer. Thanks in advance. KEITH

UPDATE 7/23 DAY 12
Chris' eye surgery went well, they were able to reattach the retina except for a small portion that was damaged. Praise for that! Chris had a lot going on today so it was a long day for him and us. It had its highs and lows but all in all it was good. Continue to pray for the lungs that they would become strong enough that they wouldn't need to be assisted by the ventilator. That is all that's keeping him in ICU right now. He went on a couple "sedation holidays " today. That is when they reduce the meds for up to an hour to see how he reacts and responds(including his lungs). That gives us a chance to talk to him and see him respond to us or the staff (hand squeezes,head nods etc). The staff was trying to get a thumbs up out of him to no avail. I then asked if he was ready to go hunting and he gave a subtle thumbs up and he took a second to gain his strength and gave us great big one!! Those moments along with all the support from family and friends at home and all those here on FB keep us going. We want to respond to them all but that seems like an overwhelming task right now but hope to later in the recovery period. Don't think for a moment that these posts and kind gestures at home are going unnoticed. Once out of ICU we move to the 4th floor where we will have wifi and can read posts to Chris or maybe he can read them himself soon and then correspond more. Until tommorow, KEITH

Additionally, the family has left the following address for friends and supporter to send their well wishes.

Walter Reed National Mil Med Ctr
8901 Wisconsin
Bethesda, Md 20889

If you would like to leave your support for Lcpl. Bogner on the Facebook support page, click here.


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