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Montana girl honored for saving her sister

KALISPELL - Imagine knowing your child is in danger, but there's nothing you can do to help. Then imagine another of your children, nine years old, saving the day. That's just what happened to an Evergreen family.

John and Ginger Moniz were forced to rush to the hospital after receiving some bad news on July 31st.

"We had just got a call a couple hours before about a friend who was in a serious car accident. We were the first ones who got the call so we had to run to the hospital," Ginger recalled.

But then they got an even worse call from their daughter, River. Her older sister, 11-year-old Kora, was suffering from what was believed to be a severe asthma attack.

"I was sitting outside by the porch and my sister came up to me and said 'I can't breathe.' I called my mom and told her what happened. She said, 'if her face is turning purple, then call 911. I was watching her for a while, and her face was turning bright purple, so I called 911," River said.

"She [Kora] was having a very hard time drawing breath. It was a very serious situation, and River handled it calmly and did what she needed to do," Brad Phelps, who responded to the 911 call explained. "She knew exactly where she lived. She knew her phone number. She knew all the necessary information to get the help to her."

Thanks to River, paramedics were able to respond in time to treat her older sister before she suffered any injuries or long-term damage. The nine-year-old was honored for her heroic actions on Tuesday, and became the first recipient of Flathead 911 for Kids "Medal of Honor."

"I was really excited. This is probably my second medal. It's my favorite medal," River told us.

"[River] got the medal and she was the best. She handled herself very well, and I'm proud of her," Phelps said.

Flathead 911 for Kids is an organization dedicated to teaching Flathead County children about 911 calls and emergencies.


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