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Montana couple's 21st century love story sends them to Hollywood

BILLINGS - Mark Holm worked out the butterflies in his stomach as he prayed out loud on his way to the front door. He had a date with a woman he met online. As his mouth moved, speaking out for comfort with each step, a young woman monitoring his mannerisms as he approached the door turned back to her mother, "Mom... He's talking to himself."

Mark, an engineer, was on his way to meet his date he met online just a some days earlier. Teresa opened the doors to her daughter's house only to see a wave of the comfort Mark was praying for, wash over his face, "You're even more beautiful in person," he said.

Fast forward a year later and the two shake their heads at how much they're alike. "And we just clicked right away because we have all of these values in common," Mark said.

"Even our love of bacon," Teresa chuckles.

For Teresa, E-Harmony was the answer to a nine year search. Mark was exactly the tall, Christian, golfer she requested and hoped to find. And she didn't have to travel far to meet him.

The kindergarten teacher in Great Falls reached out to Mark in Billings only minutes after he finished setting up his E-Harmony account; a process that he said isn't a trivial one as the dating site matches people on "29 dimensions of compatibility" including the simple food and movie favorites, to situational and hypothetical questions.

"I like your profile. I hope you're cute."

Last January, Teresa accidentally sent a smile to Mark on the E-Harmony profiles as technology became her enemy for a moment, only to realize it was "the best mistake [she] made."

The two e-mailed a few times, realized they had a laundry list of things in common, and the next day, exchanged phone numbers. But Teresa knows the online world provides a cover people who choose to be someone else, "I was just a little uncomfortable [with meeting people online]." But Mark reassured her to embrace 21st century dating with a romantic gesture of sending flowers to Teresa's school.

Both didn't want to waste time and met a few days later in Billings. After Mark prayed outloud, the two went for a round of simulated golf at Mitchell Golf. With his engineer mind, Mark placed consideration to the date's activities, creating a time structured evening. Something that Teresa found endearing and complemented Teresa's free spirit view.

A few months later, Mark and Teresa were engaged and married.

Online dating hopefuls now happily married testimonial

E-Harmony boasts matching more than 550,000 couples across the country and it's all based on Dr. Warren's "Companionability."

So naturally, when a pairing works, the services of the online dating site are no longer necessary. Mark and Teresa placed their resignation and the company inquired as to why the two were leaving. Another successful match and E-Harmony wanted wedding pictures and to hear the couple's story.

"They interviewed us over Skype and loved our story. They wanted to fly us to L.A. to shoot a commercial," Mark said.

Executives flew them down to Los Angeles the weekend after this past Thanksgiving. And they didn't script what they wanted Mark and Teresa to say, "They asked we repeat what we said in the interview." That included Mark's affectionate words for Teresa, "I say she is my absolute treasure."

The E-Harmony commercial of Mark and Teresa's story began airing Christmas Eve.

"We joke that it took me nine years to find him and it only took him 3 minutes," the couple laughed.

So if your heart is alone this Valentine's Day, your absolute treasure might be only a click away.


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