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Dec 28, 2011 12:39 AM

Miles City man shoots himself after being denied painkillers

BILLINGS - A Miles City man's demands for prescription drugs turned violent after hospital staff refused to give him the drugs. He then proceeded to shoot himself in effort to get the painkillers. The Miles City Star is reporting the incident happened Monday night in the Holy Rosary Healthcare Emergency Room parking lot.

Miles City Police Chief Doug Colombik tells the paper that the 48-year-old man came to the hospital and wanted pain killers for severe back pain and was allegedly denied treatment. The man was upset and went to his vehicle, grabbed a handgun and shot himself in the ankle in an effort to get the painkillers.

A Holy Rosary spokeswoman tells the Star after the shooting, the hospital went into lock-down mode for the safety of all patients. That was lifted after authorities deemed it safe. The spokeswoman says the man was treated, stabilized and taken to Billings for care.

Police Chief Colombik says the Custer County Attorney's Office is reviewing the case and will decide whether to charge the man for negligence and endangerment for shooting a gun in close proximity to others.


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