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Feb 14, 2013 7:24 PM by MTN News - Missoula

Jordan Johnson trial update

MISSOULA - The alleged victim in the Jordan Johnson case was given a break from testimony for a while Thursday morning to make sure an expert witness had enough time to testify before he had to leave town.

This witness is a clinical psychologist for the prosecution who was called to educate the jury about sexual assault and trauma. Doctor David Lisak said he does not know anything about the Johnson case, he is just here to give information to the jury.

Lisak testified generically about rape victims and their reactions to a sexual assault.He also said that victims are often in fear and in shock after a rape and tend to minimize those situations. He also said that a victim giving her assailant a ride home, if she knows that person, is not uncommon. Lisak also testified traumatic experiences can make people act out of the norm.

The defense questioned Lisak and pointed out that he cannot testify to this particular case because he does not know it and Lisak agreed. The defense also said that bad, awkward or disappointing sex is not rape and he agreed.

The trial will continue Friday morning.


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