Oct 13, 2011 9:38 PM by Q2 News

Jim Lynch announces candidacy for Governor

KALISPELL - Former Montana Department of Transportation director Jim Lynch announced Thursday that he is a candidate for the republican nomination for governor.

Lynch becomes the 10th candidate to join the race for the GOP nomination.

Citing a commitment to pave the way for economic development and job growth, Lynch announced his future political plans on his campaign website Thursday.

In announcing his candidacy, Lynch said, "In the private sector, there's a sense of urgency and efficiency. We need to bring that same urgency to state government, be accountable to our citizens as customers, and aggressively meet their needs."

Lynch has been a Montana resident since 1986, and holds a degree in Management Science from Kean University.

Lynch headed up the Montana Department of Transportation for six years, before abruptly resigning this past August. At the time, he offered no reason for stepping down, but the folllowing day Governor Brian Schweitzer confirmed that Lynch's resignation came after a disagreement with the administration over a possible violation of state nepotism laws. The dispute was connected to the hiring of Lynch's daughter at the state Dept. of Transportation some four years earlier.

Lynch Lynch maintains he did nothing wrong, and at the time said, "there are many examples of relatives of appointed state officials working in Montana State Government."


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