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Jan 15, 2013 8:58 PM by Q2 News

Honor Flight movie is big success

BILLINGS- It's uncommon for World War II veterans to talk about the war, but the Honor Flight experience brings their stories out. And that's exactly what the documentary, "Honor Flight" accomplishes.
"Having gone on both of our honor flights, this is reliving the two flights all over again. The emotions...the all my life I haven't shed as many tears." says Big Sky Honor flight participant, Charles Reed, who saw the film for the first time today.

The movie follows the inception of the Honor Flight program which was originally established in Wisconsin. It focuses on four World War II veterans, who, for the first time, were able to see the WWII monument in Washington D.C; and more importantly, receive the thank you that was long over due.

"Nothing happened. We went to work almost immediately and just blended in with society. So nothing has happened to us at all until right now. Now we get our honor." says fellow Big Sky Honor flight participant, Bill VanWieren.

"Honor Flight" follows in detail what WWII veterans faced, not only in war, but also in their return home.
It explains how two thoughtful citizens, a radio station and a tight knit community worked together to bring a trip of a lifetime to the greatest generation that has ever lived.
The film will be shown again Wednesday and Thursday night at 7:30 and proceeds from the tickets will go to help fund the upcoming Big Sky Honor Flight, scheduled for April of this year.


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