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Nov 5, 2012 8:01 PM by Angela Douglas - Q2 News

High school debaters take on U.S. Senate race

BILLINGS - The official debates wrapped up days ago, but Monday morning Billings radio personality "Livin' Large" Larry Wilson hosted one final Rehberg vs. Tester debate.

However, the Congressman and the incumbent U.S. Senator were not present for this discussion.

Instead, West High Seniors Garret Meier, 18, and Riley Meister, 17, stood in for the candidates, debating their side of the issues.

Meister represented Jon Tester, while Meier represented Denny Rehberg.

"Being young and getting to vote for the first time breaths a lot of enthusiasm for the process and they tend to make themselves a lot better informed," explained West High debate coach Dan Johnson.

"These kids, they have a lot of knowledge," stated Wilson. "They prepped well for standing in for Jon Tester and Denny Rehberg and I was pretty impressed."

And according to the teens, it doesn't take much to become an informed voter.

"You can find the opinions on the big issues in a couple of minutes," explained Meister. "That's something that everybody should be able and willing to do."

Meister and Meier hope that both current and future voters choose to know the issues; not just rely on television and radio ads to pick their candidate.

"I think it just helps to have a public that is informed about what's going on," Meister said.

Meier agreed.

"If a lot of people want to change the way things currently are, then be the person that understands what's going on, and be a person that maybe can go out and talk to your senator or representative," said Meier. "That's the way that we can make a change."

It's a right that these high schoolers hope every adult takes advantage of on Election Day.

Tuesday from 7 to 8 a.m. debate students from Senior High will join "Livin' Large" Larry on News Radio 95, debating the points of President Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney.

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