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Sep 19, 2013 12:20 AM by Q2 News Staff

Group asks for removal of Judge Baugh

BILLINGS - Another group now asking the Montana Judicial Standards Commission to remove Judge Todd Baugh from the bench.
The group is outraged over the 15-year- suspended sentence and 30 days in jail that the judge gave to Stacy Rambold for the rape of a 14-year old girl in 2007.
The group UltraViolet fights sexism and advocates for women's rights.
UltraViloet says the sentence and judge's comments will make it more difficult for women to come forward and report rape cases.
In the letter, UltraViolet wrote: "Judge Baugh has shown that he doesn't understand the meaning of rape or Montana law."
As for the judge's comments that 14-year old Cherice Moralez is "older than her chronological age," and that she had some control of the situation with the teacher, the letter states:"It is unacceptable to allow our courts to perpetuate the idea that women and girls are responsible for the very crimes committed against them."
UltraViolet campaign director Karin Roland says Stacy Rambold's 30-day sentence follows a nationwide attitude about rape.
"It's just common sense that raping a teen girl should get you more than 30 days in jail," Roland said. "And the judge's comment blaming her for the rape, were even more outrageous. And so people are angry, women are fed up with a culture that and a judicial system quite frankly that tolerates rape."
Next week, UltraViolet and the Montana National Organization for Women plans to deliver a petition with more than 83-thousand signatures, along with the letter and a complaint to the Judicial Standards Commission.
The commission's executive secretary, Shelly Nash, says complaints against judges are not made public, .unless the commission finds evidence of misconduct and sends a case to the Supreme Court.
Nash can not say whether or not the commission received UltraViolet's letter. She will also not be able to confirm whether or not UltraViolet files a complaint against Judge Baugh.


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