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May 14, 2013 11:00 PM by Angela Douglas - Q2 News

Female BPD sergeant blazes the trail for up and coming officers

BILLINGS - Sergeant Ronda Fox is among the nearly 150 officers of the Billings Police Department committed to protecting their community and preventing crime.

"I've been a cop almost 14 years now," she said. "I like the excitement everyday. Everyday you don't know what's going to happen. It can be dead and then all of a sudden it's just chaos. I like it, I kind of thrive on it. So I think it's adrenaline a little bit. I'm very driven."

Sgt. Fox has been a part of the Billings Police Department since 2000. She has patrolled the streets, served as a training officer and worked in detectives, often going undercover. Then, four years ago she was promoted to sergeant and became the first and only female commander for the BPD.

"Sgt. Fox is the epitome of what hard work and dedication is regardless of whether you're a male or female officer," said Billings Police Chief Rich St. John. "She has paid her dues working the patrol division, all shifts, and probably got most of her street experience when she was working in an undercover capacity."

Fox is the only woman serving as a sergeant, but there's a total of 14 female officers in the department. A number that makes up 10-percent of the BPD workforce.

"We bring a different perspective just because we're genetically made different," Sgt. Fox stated. "But I don't expect anything because of my gender, I think the people that I work with, they look at how you do your job regardless of male/female."

She may be in the minority, but Fox says she isn't treated any different than her male counterparts and according to her boss, Fox has proved time and again that she is the real deal.

"She definitely has respect of her peers, of her subordinates, and her superiors," said St. John.

The only thing Fox will take credit for is working hard and doing her very best.

"I just know the females before me blazed the trail," she said. "And I hope I'm blazing the trail for the ones behind me."

In fact, she hopes to inspire the up and coming officers to accomplish even more than she has.


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