Dec 29, 2012 11:14 PM by Q2 News

Explosion injures at least 2 east of Wibaux

UPDATE- A fire continues to burn east of Wibaux, Montana Saturday night following an explosion which injured at least two people.

According to Wibaux County Disaster and Emergency Services deputy coordinator Mike Schneider, the explosion took place shortly before 2:30 p.m. on Saturday when a semi-truck disposing a natural gas exploded as a crew disposed of vapors at a well site on private land used by Custom Carbon Processing.

Schneider said he knew of two people being taken from the site and transported to Dickinson, North Dakota with injuries.

Schneider said one of those individuals was then transported again to Bismarck, North Dakota to a hospital with a specialized burn unit.

Schneider also said there may have been another person injured, which is consistent with earlier unconfirmed reports of 3 people being injured.

Schneider says due to hazardous materials being in high abundance at the well site, crews were not allowed to get nearer than half a mile from the site-and small explosions continued to be reported by residents in Wibaux throughout the evening.

Schneider says fire crews from Wibaux will monitor the site throughout the evening and will allow the fire to burn itself out-which they expect will happen sometime Sunday morning.

Schneider says it has not yet been determined what caused the explosion as crews have not yet been allowed to investigate.

Law enforcement agencies from Montana and North Dakota both responded to the fire as the incident took place just a few miles from the state border.


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