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Feb 26, 2013 12:51 PM by MTN News - Great Falls

Exotic pets require great care, consideration

GREAT FALLS -- People love pets - and although dogs and cats are far and away the most common pets, there are plenty of people who opt for more exotic creatures.

Matt Schubarth, a partner at Jack's Pet Center in Great Falls, noted, "Well there's definitely a bit of the younger generation that's into exotic pets; people like new things, they like something that's different from everybody elses."

Schubarth has been in the exotic animal business his entire life and now his son Jackson is following in his footsteps, with a rare ball python as a pet.

Matt says it's important to take the time and find a pet that suits your lifestyle, which could mean avoiding nocturnal pets or ones that grow to sizes that may be too large to handle.

He noted, "Iguanas are a great example of something that starts off small and turns out to be something you need a much larger enclosure for, but the original setup costs are your main cost in purchasing most of these animals because animals themselves, like reptiles, are relatively low price."

For pet enthusiasts in Great Falls, Jack's Pet Center is a utopia, boasting some unique options.

Matt said, "Most of the exotic pets available these days are captive-bred. The 'wild west' days of animals out of the wild is pretty much over so people get a much more reliable animal, in most cases that makes a better experience for them."

It's important to remember the responsibility that comes with caring for these unusual pets.

Reported by: Simone DeAlba


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