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Dec 19, 2008 11:52 AM

Ex-Billings teacher charged with rape

Click here to view Rambold's Affidavit WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

A former Billings Senior High School teacher was arraigned in Billings District Court Monday on rape charges.

Stacey Rambold is facing three felony counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

The former teacher pleaded not guilty and was allowed to remain free following the trial after previously posting the $25,000 bond, which Judge Todd Baugh did not change.

Rambold, 49, was suspended by the school district in April after the allegations of an improper relationship with a 14-year-old female student surfaced. He resigned in July.

A trial date in the case has not yet been set.

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(from the archives)

A former teacher at Senior High School faces charges that he raped a 14-year old student.

The rape charges come six months after the girl's mother reported alleged sexual contact.
School District 2 put Stacey Rambold, 49, on administrative leave in April.

Rambold resigned in July, after Superintendent Jack Copps attempted to revoke Rambold's teaching certificate.

Rambold is a 1977 West High graduate. He taught business at Senior High School for four years and began his relationship with the student last fall.

The county attorney's office charged Rambold with three counts of "sexual intercourse without consent."

Court documents indicate the rapes happened in Rambold's car, at Rambold's home, and at Senior High School.

The County Attorney's office says in the documents, if Rambold is convicted, he could receive life imprisonment, or a sentence between four and 100 years in the state prison, along a $50,000 fine for each count.

This isn't the first time time Rambold has been accused of inappropriate contact with a student.
In 2004, Senior High principal Scott Anderson met with Rambold to discuss allegations that he touched a girls thigh and waist, and was told to keep "his hands off all students".
The court affidavit says Anderson warned Rambold, "anything further would result in a formal investigation and a copy in his personnel file."

(From the Archives)

The Billings School Board gathered Monday night for a special meeting to decide whether to bar a Senior High School teacher from ever teaching in the state of Montana.

The fate of Stacey Rambold's teaching career now lies in the hands of the State Board of Public Education.

Monday night the Billings School Board voted unanimously to turn this matter over to this state asking them to revoke Rambold's teaching certificate - which would prevent him from teaching anywhere in the Montana.

Rambold is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student for about a semester.

An investigation released by School District 2 gives specific details of the alleged sexual relationship between Rambold and a teenage student

Rambold was hired at Senior in 2004 where he worked as business teacher

Superintendent Jack Copps says the State will now conduct its own investigation and hold a hearing to decide whether to revoke Rambold's teaching certificate.

Superintendent Jack Copps, "We do not know at this point how quickly the board of education will act but it is my intent to go to Helena next week to meet with representatives of the board to encourage them to handle this matter as quickly as possible/"

School Board members did not discuss whether or not Stacy Rambold is guilty of the allegations. Although they agree he should not be teaching in School District Two.

The Billings Police Department is also investigating Rambold's case.

(From the Archive)

School district two completes its investigation into an alleged relationship between a Senior High School male teacher and a female student.

Superintendent Jack Copps says he's concluded Stacey Rambold had a sexual relationship with 15-year old female student. Copps says this is the first time in his 47 years in education he's had to deal with an incident like this.

He says the results of the school district's investigation are so grievous and offensive that he wants to see Stacey Rambold barred from teaching anywhere in Montana, and possibly the country.

Copps says Rambold and the 15-year-old student had a relationship for about a semester.

According to the school district, Rambold graduated from West High School in 1977. He was a business teacher at Senior, and in the district for four years.

Copps will ask the school board to request the Montana Board of Public Education revoke Rambold's teaching certificate.

The Billings school board will vote on sending this to the state school board Monday at a special board meeting.

The school district does not know how long it will take for state board proceedings.

The Billings police department still has more interviews before it completes its investigation.

-David Jay reporting from KTVQ in Billings

(From April 29, 2008)

A teacher at Senior High School in Billings has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations charging statutory rape of a 15 year old female student.

Copps says the teacher, Stacey Rambold, is a business teacher at Senior High in his lower 40's.

According to a complaint from the girl's mother, Rambold allegedly had sexual contact with one of his female students.

School District 2 Superintendent Jack Copps said, "We are entrusted by this community to teach children and not to put children at risk- so I'm very concerned about that. I'm just deeply troubled that there's a possibility that this could have even happened. I'm also equally determined at this point to get to the bottom of this and find out exactly what happened."

Copps says the teacher has been with the district for about four years ago.

Towards the beginning of his career, Rambold had a complaint filed against him by another female student for minor contact that she felt was inappropriate.

-Aaron Flint reporting from KTVQ in Billings


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