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Sep 21, 2012 9:55 AM by Victoria Fregoso - Q2 News

EPA regulations will cause Billings power plant to discountinue operations

BILLINGS - Come April of 2015, drivers along interstate 90 in Billings won't see the usual hustle and bustle coming from the J.E. Corette Power Plant. The plant will be mothballed, this means it will discontinue operations due to regulations the Environmental Protection Agency is putting in place, unless those regulations change. PPL Montana first learned of these new regulations in December. After doing the math, they learned it would cost $38 million in upgrades to meet the new requirements.

County officials are also concerned with the secondary impacts it will have on Billings businesses, contractors and residents. The plant currently employs 35 full time workers.

PPL Montana says if the market improves and the required upgrades change and cost less, the plant could be in operation again one day.


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