Nov 14, 2011 12:00 PM by CNN

Custom Tebow jerseys cause controversy

With Christmas less than two months away some Denver fans are customizing their own Tim Tebow jerseys.

"Sports is one thing, and Jesus is another thing," said Traci Yown, a mom Christmas shopping for her son.

Instead of Tebow's last name on the back of the jersey, it states "Jesus" along with Tebow's No. 15.

"I like to have their names, their last names on the jerseys," she said.

Some are calling the fans' custom jerseys blasphemous.

"I'm a Christian, but I mean I wouldn't want people going around having Jesus on the back of their jerseys," Yown said.

Tim Tebow said he's a Christian. While at Florida, he wrote scriptures on his eye black paint and now in Denver some are calling him the "chosen one."

Some have even gone as far as creating Tebow in Christ-like images.

"To me it just shows a cultural bias against Christ and Christianity," Rev. Marcus Buckley of Riverside Baptist Church in Greer.

He said in a way, it's a compliment for what Tebow stands for.

"It's not saying that he is Christ, it's saying he's trying to demonstrate and live that out and as Christians that's what were supposed to do," Buckley said.

And although he said there is a fine line as to wether or not those custom jerseys are blasphemous, he said Christianity is under attack.

"You can pretty much believe whatever you want to in today's society. But as soon as you begin taking a stand for Christ, then that's not acceptable anymore," he said.

However, Traci Yown said if she's buying a sports jersey, it will be just that.

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