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Dec 11, 2012 4:13 PM by Q2 News

BREAKING NEWS: Welch drops recount request for school superintendent

Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction Sandy Welch has dropped her request for a recount. It would have been the first statewide recount since 2000. Incumbent Denise Juneau won the election by 2200 votes and Welch could have paid for a recount. She would have needed to post the $115,000 bond by 5pm today. Her campaign issued this information today:

With a bond of about $115,000, Welch will not meet the required financial benchmark in time to proceed with the recount.
"I have been humbled by the support that has been given thus far, unfortunately, we just didn't reach the needed amount to keep going and to personally incur this financial liability is beyond my capabilities," said Welch. "I have the best and most loyal grassroots supporters, and I am honored to be their candidate, and it would have been an honor to serve them as State Superintendent; however, the vote count we must settle with indicates a different victor."
In effort to hold state officials accountable to fixing errors in the state's voting system, Welch has offered to make findings from her application available to parties interested in fixing the issue.


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