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Feb 11, 2013 2:03 PM by Q2 News

BPD: suspect reached for a BB gun

BILLINGS- The gun an officer saw a suspect reach for prior to shooting him in the abdomen after an altercation on Custer Avenue has been confirmed to have been a BB gun.

Lieutenant Kevin Iffland of the Billings Police Department says the BB gun was a model replica of a Walther P99 handgun.

Iffland says the BB gun did not have any sort of plastic cap or covering that indicated it was a BB gun.

Billings police officer Grant Morrison shot the suspect in the abdomen after the man refused to comply with instructions.

Prior to firing his handgun, Morrison also deployed a stun gun which he said did not appear to be effective.

After Morrison fired off the round, he and another officer provided first aid to the man before an ambulance arrived.

The man was transported to St. Vincent Healthcare, but died later Monday morning.

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