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Feb 21, 2013 6:31 PM by Angela Douglas - Q2 News

BPD responds to nearly a dozen stolen vehicle reports

BILLINGS - Billings police are on the lookout for a suspect or suspects involved in stealing nearly a dozen vehicles.

The targeted areas have been on the city's West End

The reports have all stemmed from the vicinity of Brookshire Boulevard, Yellowstone Avenue and Canyon Drive.

The calls started coming in on February 16 and by February 20, eleven vehicles had been reported stolen.

Luckily seven of those vehicle have been recovered.

Lieutenant Kevin Iffland said most of the cases have been a crime of opportunity and that there have been some peculiar similarities in many of the reports.

"The vehicles are running, either in a driveway or an open garage, or the keys are in the vehicle just not running," explained Lt. Iffland. "They take the vehicle and they drive it to another close location and steal another vehicle at that location, within a few blocks. Which is one of our oddities that we're seeing."

The fact that most of the stolen vehicles were recovered so quickly, is unusual. Lt. Iffland said stolen vehicles are typically missing for about ten days before they are found.

According to Lt. Iffland, nothing significant was stolen from inside the vehicles that were recovered.

Billings police are reminding city residents to be mindful of leaving their vehicle running unattended or leaving their keys in an unlocked vehicle.


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