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Dec 15, 2012 2:58 PM by Q2 News

Boy stuck on Rims rescued by Billings firefighters

BILLINGS - Late Saturday morning, one boy, 13-year-old Konnar Soft, had to be rescued by Billings emergency services after his left knee was lodged in a crevice on the Rims.

He and two other young boys climbed the Rims but Soft lost footing, leaving him stuck, yelling for help.

Soft's friend climbed down from the Rims and found a spot to stand while Soft rested his weight on his friend's shoulders.

Soft waited 45 minutes with his knee stuck and his hand resting on top of the sandstone until help arrived.

It took an additional 30 minutes to harness help to scale the Rims and dislodge the boy's knee.

After emergency services were secure Soft safely on top of the Rims again, he limped to hug those who assisted him.

Soft was able to leave the scene with only contusions and minor scrapes to his knee.


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