Mar 13, 2014 3:52 PM by Aja Goare - Q2 News

Big Horn County quarantined after rabies diagnosis

HARDIN - Big Horn County pets won't be going on road trips any time soon.

The Department of Livestock issued a quarantine order on Wednesday after a skunk tested positive for rabies.

The quarantine order states that dogs, cats and ferrets are prohibited from leaving the county for at least 60 days from the date of the rabies was confirmed in the area.

The order specified that animals that had received a rabies vaccination could, however, leave the county after 14 days.

This is standard procedure for the state of Montana.

Five dogs are suspected of being infected at this time, according to state Department of Livestock officials.

Those dogs are under special quarantine and observation. Officials said the dogs won't necessarily be euthanized.

Quarantining the county makes it especially difficult for animal adoption agencies like Rez Dog Rescue to place the dogs for adoption.

"We won't know how bad it will affect us right now," said Sheri Lee, who operates the rescue. "But it makes it difficult for us to move dogs around and put them in homes."

If you suspect your pet is at risk, contact your nearest health officer and state veterinarian to have the animal examined.


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